PXL-PRO Pedal Controller

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The newest member of the PXL family, the PXL-PRO, is a brand new device based on the PXL4/8 but specially designed for more advanced users. We’ve aimed to integrate your amp, effects, and instrument into a complete performance system, with the PXL-PRO as the central controlling unit.

The PXL-PRO maintains the effects grouping function of the PXL4/8 but is upgraded to also include a dual four-channel design that allows you to separate your loops between your amp’s preamp and poweramp sections via the LOOP jacks. The four built-in triggers can be linked up as a switching system as well, to switch amp channels and effects pedal functions/parameters.


1. A total of 8 LOOP channels; can also be set to dual

four-channel mode.

2. Four built-in triggers allow you to switch between amp

channels and effects settings.

3. The four triggers can be individually adjusted for polarity,

mode, and action status (including action status in BYPASS


4. External tuner Output

5. Dedicated MUTE switch

Have an amp with LOOP I/O and

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